My Story

I worked hard my entire life to prove to myself (and to the world) that I was good enough. 

But the problem was, the harder I worked, the less I had to show for it. 

I was a busy, single mom—struggling to make ends meet. And I was forever comparing myself to others and noticing what I didn’t have, or what I hadn’t accomplished yet . . . but hoped to someday.

It felt like everyone else had it easy; that they could make things happen just-like-that, while I had to bust my ass just to scrape by.

My dreams always felt so far out of reach, but I never gave myself credit for how far I’d come. 

I had a plan, but I was constantly exhausted. 

The best thing in my life was spending time with my sons, but I struggled to be present even then—worried about how I was going to make it through, or how I was going to create the lifestyle I wanted for them.

In a bid to prove myself, I took on a gazillion different activities, committees, networking groups—you name it, I did it. I thought if I knew the most, and if I worked the hardest, I might somehow finally get what I really wanted out of life.

A self-improvement junkie, I spent thousands learning from experts, taking courses, and attending seminars. Some of it helped, most of it didn’t. I believed I was broken, and that I had to fix myself before I could move forward—and many of those workshops did nothing to dispute that belief. 

And so I worked hard and I tried to stay positive. 

But I began to wonder if my someday would EVER come . . .

And then my plan collapsed from underneath me. 

I made a job change, hoping it was the answer to my prayers, and discovered it was the opposite. 

I found myself unemployed—forced to short sell my home, file for bankruptcy, and relinquish every possession I had of any real value. 

I felt like I had let my boys down, and that I had failed as a woman and as a mother.

Left with nothing but my own thoughts, I began to realize how unsupportive they were; how critical, how sad, and how full of shame. 

They prompted questions that seemed to overflow with self-loathing. 

Questions like:

“How did I let this happen?”
“How did I end up like this?”
“What’s WRONG with me?”

And I began to notice the story I was telling other people. It was a story of struggle and of failure. And it always ended in the same way: “I’m sure things will turn around soon,” or “I’m positive something better is just around the corner for me.” 

Words that I didn’t feel. That I didn’t really mean. 

And I hated that. I hated thinking those thoughts and telling that story. I hated feeling like I’d lost control of my life. 

And I realized something: I didn’t want my sons to see me that way. 

And with that realization, a switch in my brain flipped. Something welled up inside of me—a sense that I could do anything. Make anything happen.

And so I began to choose thoughts and feelings that were in support of that. I began making decisions based on what felt good to me. And I stopped doing what I thought was the “right” thing to do and started doing what felt like the right thing to do. (A subtle but oh-so-powerful difference.)

More than that, I stopped blaming myself and started taking better care of me. I made myself a priority, for once. And I learned to treat myself more gently. 

In the process, I unlocked my someday box.

Because when I stopped working so hard to fix myself and my life, I started to have FUN again. I stopped picturing my life on a downwards spiral and instead saw it as bursting with abundance, brimming with happiness, and burgeoning with joy. 

I began telling a different story—one which made me feel lighter and freer. 

And as I healed the hurt I felt from past experiences and silenced my anxiety, my spiritual gifts gradually began to emerge.

Through self-study and working with various spiritual teachers, I learned to use my empathic, clairsentient and clairaudience abilities, and began to develop out tools and techniques that had helped me over the course of my journey so that I could use them to help other people.

Fast forward to today and this place I call Dreamland, where busy, heart-centered women like you can learn how to finally unlock their someday box, rewrite their story and pursue their dreams—just like I did. 

Without the pressure, negative self-talk, overwhelm and burnout. Just more guilt-free joy and fulfillment.

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I share my story because chances are, I’ve been where you are now . . .

. . . wanting more, seeking courage and inner peace, and feeling like your dreams are always out of reach—no matter how hard you work.

If there’s a voice in your head that’s telling you to give up, that it’s not possible for you, that you don’t deserve to enjoy this life to its fullest, I’m telling you right now: 

Don’t believe that for a SECOND.

Because I truly believe it’s possible to work less and play more. To be as happy as you’ve ever been—right here, in this moment. And to effortlessly manifest whatever it is that you desire. 

I believe that because I’ve done that. 

And I want to help you do that, too. 

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