Are you a sensitive with chronic confidence + empowerment struggles?

As a sensitive do you find it hard to be true to yourself? Do you have beautiful ideas and messages but you don’t share them because you worry what others will think, or what they will say?

It can feel really hard to be yourself when the whole world is telling you what to do or pointing out what you’re doing wrong.

And unfortunately this is a chronic problem – but of course fortunately, it doesn’t have to be for you!

Reasons why many sensitives – maybe you – struggle with confidence and empowerment.

  • You just don’t want to upset anyone. So you’re more focused on not upsetting anyone than honoring what you want or how you feel.
  • You’re afraid of what others think – again more than how you feel.
  • You fall into the “you should” trap, doing what others say “you should” do.
  • You’ve been told you’re “too sensitive” and – you believe it.
  • You were laughed at for being a dreamer, for being yourself or having original ideas.

How can you step out and be yourself in a world full of opinions about who you should be?

  • Be your own filter. Only you get to decide what’s a match for you, what’s best for you.
  • Be selective. Not everything every suggests for you or tells you to do is right for you.
  • Be aware of messages around you laced with guilt, anger, bitterness and negativity.
  • Move away from people who minimize you or only point out your mistakes.

Have consequences set in?

  • What are you suffering with? What seems to come up chronically for you? Energy, emotionally or any other area of your life?
  • What are you carrying or holding onto? What feels like you just can’t seem to get past? And how is it impacting you?
  • How do you feel about yourself? If it’s not positive, loving and empowering, when would now be a good time to change?
  • What are you missing out on? What would you be doing, enjoying and going for if you had more confidence and felt more empowered?


  • Your power is not “out there”. Take ownership of what you want get to changing what you don’t want.
  • Don’t base your happiness on someone else changing. Focus on you and what you can do.
  • Your circumstances are only what is. They are not what is possible for you unless you only focus on what is.
  • Above all remember YOU ARE THE POWER. You are your best source of strength and anything else you want.

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  1. Back in grade school a boy hated me because of my red hair got so bad one of my older brothers got the cops involved. The boy was chasing me home daily me running and him on his bike as he was throwing rocks at me some hit me in my head.

  2. I logged onto Victor’s meditation on Saturday and he answered a question I submitted and said my name and I felt sooo pumped! My question was streaming through with all the others and it popped on his radar! Fun!

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