You Are Here to Live Your Bad-Ass Life as a Sensitive

There’s so much going on in the world but that’s not new. We’ve been programmed to believe many things that limit our potential, stop us from wanting or believing we can have more. I call enough!

We have more resources at our finger-tips than ever before to live our healthiest, greatest life so why are we so stuck as a society? Why are so many people sick, depressed and suffering vs. healthy, happy and fulfilled?

This episode, we take a hard look at the victim mindset programming, self-medicating and avoiding real change because its too hard.

If you are not happy, you have to ask yourself why but then be brave enough to face the truth and change it.

You are here to be a bad-ass sensitive and live your best life. I believe that, I am here to help you get to a place where you believe it too.

Want my help with this? Reserve a free Bad-Ass Life Strategy Call. We will talk through where you’re at and how + why you’d like things to be different.

I’ll ask you some questions about what your version of a bad-ass life would look like and feel like for you, and at the end we’ll talk a little bit about what it could look like for us to work together. Book our call and we’ll talk soon!

All Things Are Glitter with The Samantha Parker

If you are a woman who wants to live and feel bad-ass, its important to surround yourself with women who get you, lift you and make you better. Friends who keep you on the rise, who keep you going because lets be real, life doesnt feel all glitter all the time.
Which is exactly why I invited The Samantha Parker to join me on this soul-packed episode. She has been that powerhouse in my life, and I wanted to share her infectious lets make magic happen energy with you.

Samantha has never backed down from a big idea. In fact, shes queen of turning her passions into reality, but its so much bigger than that.

Shes created her own successful businesses in what seems like overnight, magic like founding Badassery Magazine and even interviewed Gary V, a dream of hers that again, just seemed to magically happen as an outsider looking in.

But truly what makes her bad-ass and all glitter, is her relentless drive to be the greatest version of herself, even if it requires her to reinvent herself. She just answers yes when her soul calls. Thats what makes her truly inspiring to be around because it rubs off on you!

Samantha makes being unstoppable look easy, even when its not, and the coolest thing, she invites all the women around her to join in her fun, glitter, and success. I love her and I know you will too!

Free Your Fear of Failure and Go For Your Dreams

Its not proper to drop the F-word and yet, when it comes to saying yes to your big dreams, giving it your all and going for it, the f-word is all too often the default. Of course were talking about failure.

This week a deeper dive into your fear of failure, why its there when clearly it wont help you move forward on your soulful path and how to get to an energetic place of done deal instead!

No more fear of failure for you badass, its time to go for your dreams!

Want my help with this? Book a free unstoppable strategy session Lets make your magic happen together and put any fear of failure behind you where it belongs!

The Truth About What’s Really Draining Your Energy

Have you been giving away too much energy in exchange for little to nothing?

Saying yes any which way the wind blows even when you want to say no?

Do you secretly wish you hit the pause button for all things life right about now?

If you’re over there shaking your head, I get it. You have a big heart, you love to help others. But what happens when you feel empty, when you’ve given all you can give and there’s nothing left for YOU?

I’ll go ahead and say it, you feel like crap. Your temperament is set to growly and all you can think is “go away” anytime anyone starts to approach you. Am I close?

When your nature is to help others, you naturally take on things that on the surface appear as “the right thing to do” or they may even make you feel helpful, productive, and like you’re making a difference. 

But is it the difference you want to be making?

Are you investing your time and energy into all the things that absolutely light you up inside? Or just tending to all the things you said yes to that feel like more work? All the things your ego or someone else’s guilt-trip forced upon you?

There are reasons that sensitive women end up overloaded, overwhelmed and over-extended energetically -and let me tell you it’s NOT because they cannot handle or juggle all the spinning plates.

I have to laugh at this because the women I work with, tell me they don’t want to get “spread too thin” or they’re afraid they’ll “take on too much” when they are handling more than any normal person can handle in a week!

I know they can handle a lot, but is what they are tending to what’s right for them? Typically not. They’re committed to many of the wrong things, things they assumed responsibility for that they did not need to.

I had a client who felt overwhelmed and frustrated about some of the things on her “to-do” plate. After talking through how those things landed there, she realized she had been volunteering herself to take them on for other people! She was in total surprise at that realization.

As we worked through why, she discovered old patterns of guilt and assuming responsibility to try and please others. Her conditioned mind activated pressure subconsciously to take on more and more – even if it didn’t feel right for her. She just defaulted to her ego and said yes.

Have you ever done that?

We worked on a strategy where she no longer volunteered herself unless it was something she felt in alignment with – without the guilt weighing in making her blurt our the words “I’ll just take care of it”!

She now makes her decisions from an intuitive yes or intuitive no.

There are so many different reasons (all personal) as to why sensitive women, why you might give and give only to end up feeling empty.

When there’s no return of energy that lights you up, just a one-sided way of moving through life, all pushing and forcing it’s very wearing on your energy.

You might fall into a negative pattern of people pleasing to keep the peace, taking on loads of projects in an effort to prove yourr worthtalk yourself into things only to realize you have a life full of everything you don’t like, feeling obligated from guilt trips of family members – the list goes on.

I’m sure you’d agree when you feel tired, exhausted, overwhelmed you’re not as inspired, not ready to take on those big dreams or leap out of your comfort zone am I right?

You may even feel lost and confused, stuck, depressed or question if you have what it takes to change things. I promise you do! You may need a bit of support to call out the old pattern and how to change it, but you have the power to change what you don’t like that is not serving you if you decide to.

So what’s the solution?

You get really selective about what you say yes to. How do you do that? You empower yourself to get really clear about who you are and what you like and do want by connecting with your intuition.

And as important, you get really clear about what is not working for you, what you don’t want. What makes you feel your intuitive “no”. With that, you create a strategy to eliminate those things.

This frees up your time, energy and space to put toward whatever you really do want! That way, whatever you give your time, energy and focus to gives you a return of energy that fills you back up!

Your action step: Make a list of the things on your plate that are NOT working for you.

What are you giving your time, energy and effort to that is not filling you back up?
Where are you giving too much with no return for you? (or who are you giving to?)

Hit me up, let me know what comes up for you in the comments below.

And if you’ve been feeling spread too thin, be sure to watch this.

How to Serve Your People When You Don’t Like “Peopling”

How do you serve everyone and change the world when can we be real here, you feel like you dont even like people? When you just do not feel up to peopling because ugh, its exhausting, its challenging to keep going and give from the heart when everyone is so negative about everything.

As a sensitive who wants to serve, but feels like you need to retreat from the world or you just want to avoid people because theyre so negative, it can feel confusing and frustrating to find your path to serve more and make a difference.

This weeks show gives you 9 tips to help you serve your people (even if you dont like peopling), so you can expand your capacity the way you want, on demand, feel unstoppable and get to a place where serving feels fun again!

What do you need to unlearn to become unstoppable?

Trying to accomplish new things, step out into your new dreams – feel what you want – cannot happen if you’re doing it from an old belief system where you feel limited, not good enough or anything that has not created the life you want.

Getting what you want but not feeling better for it – is just one of the signs that you might have unlearning to do.

This week, I’m sharing 5 signs you have some unlearning to do to be unstoppable – and actually get what you want! Do any come up for you?

The Unstoppable Lady Duo of Good Friend, Inc.

I’m so excited for this weeks show featuring two inspiring women who felt called to make a difference for children with Autism.

Meet Denise Schamens and Chelsea Budde, the unstoppable lady duo that co-founded Good Friend, Inc., a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to creating autism awareness, teaching acceptance of differences, and fostering empathy for individuals with autism.

Good Friend, Inc. has reached more than 53,000 people directly with its autism awareness-acceptance-empathy message since 2007.

Denise Schamens has three children, two of whom are adults with special needs. Due to her first-hand experiences, she served for 10 years as a school district family engagement liaison for CESA #1. Her insight into the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder gave rise to Good Friend, Inc.

Denise has served as its co-founder, vice president, and creative director since 2007. Her passion lies in her creative pursuits within and outside the organization, which include editing and directing four short films and designing theatrical sets. She is also a First-Generation Facilitator for Sibshops, a university guest lecturer and conference presenter.

Chelsea Budde, mother of two neurodivergent adult children, co-founded nonprofit organization Good Friend, Inc., and serves as Good Friends Executive Director. She describes herself as an interpreter of autism for neuromajority humans, in addition to being a trainer, she’s also a writer, university guest lecturer, and conference presenter.

To learn more or get involved:
Good Friend, Inc.

What’s Really Putting Your Dreams on Hold

Learning something you don’t know might be what you think is holding you back from hitting those next level dreams – but probably not.

10 out of 10 times it’s something different. And I’m talking all about it on this week’s show.

Tune in for 5 signs you’re not tapping into your power to make your dreams happen plus the big why’s behind all of them!

What dream do you want to see for yourself? When do you want it to happen? Why hasn’t it happened yet?

I want to know!

Want my help to close that gap and lock your dream in? Book a call and let’s make your magic happen!

9 Remarkable Signs You Are Meant to Be in the Spotlight

Have you been feeling lost in the energy waves of negativity around you?

Caught up in or trying to get away from all the distractions? Or just waking up in the morning wondering what else you’re going to get hit with, what fire you’ll need to put out?

We are in different and challenging times. But I want to whisk you away from the world’s mess and take you to a magical place, a peaceful bubble where we talk all things purpose and the higher meaning of life.

On this episode, I’m sharing nine signs you are meant for more, to be in the spotlight sharing something amazing that only you have to offer!

Let’s continue to move away from those struggles that feel so confusing and get back on purpose.

3 Signs You’re Not Living Diliberately

Are you living deliberately or distracted?

While people are alive, very few are truly living these days.

They’ve fallen into fear, being careful and turned their focus to the outside world and what they cannot control.

Living your big dream requires you to be deliberate, following a path YOU design yourself regardless of what is happening around you.

You have to choose to pursue what you want in your heart and soul or you will live your life on default.

Here are 3 signs you’re not deliberately living your dream.