10 Myths About Being Unstoppable No One Talks About

Premiere of Unstoppable – The Podcast with Nicole Isler! What does being unstoppable really mean? Is life all glitter and rainbows? Even if not, you can be unstoppable in your own life!

Pulling the curtain back on 10 myths and the actual truth about being unstoppable you need to know! The things no one really talks about, real talk – what being unstoppable looks like and feels like.

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Who Are Your Typical Clients?

I’m asked this question a lot. And while I like to sum it up as badass women I respect, admire and feel honored to work with, there are more layers to it that make them badass.

Most of the women I work with have some insight into their challenges and want support as they navigate their way through life changes.

They are the one that everyone goes to for help but when they need help, they feel alone. Truth be told, they have a hard time asking for help, so it takes them awhile to finally reach out to me. When they do they say things like “I should be able to figure this out” and “I don’t know why I can’t just get this done”.

They prefer to stay tough and never really let anyone in, that way no one can let them down. They are a bit of a control freak in that way. Over-functioning doing everything for everyone and trying to do everything on their own.

They are the self-starter who digs right in and yet, the patterns stay the same which is what feels so frustrating for them.

They get more done in a day than many people get done in a week, people may even joke they’re like “the energizer bunny”, they just go-go-go. But secretly they are exhausted and overextended energetically and emotionally and they don’t seem to get any credit for all they do.

They want to save the world, but they can’t seem to pinpoint how to save themselves. The amount of pressure and demand they put on themselves to do more and be perfect at it would drop most people to their knees, and yet, it’s never enough no matter how much they overachieve, they just keep pushing.

They may be tangled in relationships that feel “off” but can’t quite pinpoint what is wrong or how to change it, but they will try, taking all the reigns of responsibility or blame, whatever will hopefully make things better. But in most cases it does not, the dynamics are programmed to be one way, not in their favor.

Some are women who are trying to “do it all” eventually causing overwhelm. They are not replenishing their soul, merely taking direction from their ego as it barks out orders to be more and do more. There is no permission or time for play, they focus on satisfaction not joy which depletes their spirit and zest for life.

Many of my clients are in the afternoon of their life or on their way, feeling depleted, depressed, lost. They have spent the morning of their life giving to others, some put their own dreams, desires, needs and wants on hold, as they cared for children, partners, and parents.

They wake up and realize time is precious, they feel shocked and saddened at the realness of what they feel about all they wanted to accomplish but denied themselves of. They need someone to help them understand the awakening they are going through. I have been there myself and I completely know the feeling + how to embrace the shift to quickly find fulfillment.

Many have experienced trauma in their lives, especially childhood which sets up a pattern that can trigger chronic anxiety, depression, fluctuating emotions.

Some develop addictions to try and fill the void like shopping, eating, over-functioning, over-committing or even the use of alcohol, drugs or prescription meds and therapy that doesn’t work for them. Anything to keep the feelings they don’t want down by distraction or escape.

They want to bring healing to these areas. They reach out to me because they know what they have been doing to get by no longer supports them.

They know they want to shift but feel unclear how to change what they don’t want, a bit overwhelmed on where to begin, this feeling of perfection continues to creep in with the fear that I’ll find fault with them in some way.

Of course, that is not what I do at all, but the feeling of being wrong or missing something obvious scares them. It leaves them feeling vulnerable and that is just not a place they like to go.

But over time the learn to trust me, they see I made my way through struggles of my own. They see I am sincere, genuine and here to help because I understand from a place of experience how it feels to live this way – even though you want things to be different. They reach out because they finally see I won’t judge them, that my whole heart is in what I do.

Here’s what one of my clients shared about her experience working with me.

“If your struggling with obstacles in your life and are trying to find someone who will understand you, then you found the right person in Nicole. She understands as she has lived through many of life’s lessons herself. She is a kind and very caring person who can help you find your way. Her dedication goes far and beyond what most people would invest. Not everyone is guided by Angel’s like she is!! 😇. She will definitely make sense out of your nonsense! She has for me.” ❤- Pat B

I understand the women I work with just need some intuitive support from a qualified person who has compassion. Someone they can lean into as they process things, who can show them the deeper meaning, shine the light on the truth about who they are and transform the way they feel about themselves.

I hold a safe-space for my clients until they can do it for themselves. I believe in them. I care about their dreams as if they are my own.

I am honored to be the person to work alongside them, who helps them find the answers hidden in plain view to change how they feel for good, to help them heal their inner child.. And someone who makes them feel empowered every step of the way.

If you resonate with this or you know a woman who struggles in this way, I am here to understand and to help.

Life is increasingly stressful these days and moving at a rapid, emotional pace. While we have advanced so far with technology, access to information and material gains, rates of depression, chronic dis-ease, and suicide continue to climb.

I want to help change that. Life is meant to be a beautiful adventure, where you experience the most joy for all you contribute and accomplish. I know that’s what I most want to experience and it’s what I want my clients to experience unlimited amounts of.

Whatever challenges you face or feel deep within, you can overcome them. I’m here to help you.

What To Do When Things Don’t Work Out – so things can work out! (and you don’t find yourself in Victimville!)

Are you in a bad feeling place? Finding it hard to deal with the negative things that pop up?

Myyyylanta there’s plenty to choose from out in the world right now!

And well, not everything happens the way you might have planned, and it can be disappointing. I get it, my 50th birthday plans were cancelled this week.

Might not seem that important compared to world events, but hey, it’s MY 50th birthday and it’s important to me.

Not because I’m not jetting off to Walt Disney World as planned, although that’s a bummer too, but because my son was flying in to join me. So he’s still in CO and I’m still in WI. And that’s what I’m most sad about. I won’t get to see him this week for my birthday.

I know how it feels when things fall apart, how you might want to feel “bad” about it. 

There’s plenty of opportunity – to fall into a funk – or to choose to shift your perspective instead!

This week I’m talking about The Law of Relativity + I’m sharing magical things you can do every day to rock your life so you don’t block all the goodness that wants to unfold for you!

Signs You’re In The Funk Of It.

  • You see your circumstances as “good or bad”, so it’s “all or nothing” on your happiness
  • You feel bad, sad, angry, bitter, mistrusting, resentful or any other emotion for an extended period of time – and it’s building.
  • You’re stuck in guilt. “I shouldn’t be feeling this way when others have it so much worse” or you just won’t let yourself focus on anything positive for that reason.
  • You have a victim mindset and you’re stuck in Victimville with “poor me” or wanting everyone to feel bad for you.
  • You’re attached to the outcome and because it didn’t happen, you can’t bring yourself to feel positive or focus on anything else. Your mind keeps going to what didn’t happen.

Why Shift

  • You don’t want to stay in crummy mode longer than necessary obviously!
  • Staying in the funk too long can become an identity and changes your vibration!
  • You close down for soul-utions, insights, flow and answers!

How + What to do to shift!

  • Allow your feelings to come up, come out, however you want to describe them – just be present with how you feel. Don’t ignore or stuff them down, honor your feelings.
  • Only once you’ve done that, shift your focus to shift your energy. What is positive? Uplifting? Focus there!
  • Detach from the outcome as good or bad or anything at all other than an opportunity to shift your perspective to something that feels good for you!
  • Create your own joy and happiness! You don’t need an outcome to do that, or a special holiday, you can celebrate every day.
  • Replace whatever didn’t work out with something else that feels fabulous! I’ve replaced my Disney trip with bigger goals, and so many fun things that it really feels just like it is supposed to when I turn 50! Like a huge bash!
  • Focus on the goodness in your life, talk about it, magnify it, share it with others!
  • Move away from defining things as good or bad, all or nothing and just let them exist as is.
  • And most importantly – live your life, every day ON PURPOSE! (not for an outcome) I don’t know what life would feel like without my purpose. This is what keeps my life feeling magical and so so sparkly. I highly recommend getting in touch with your purpose – and if you don’t know what that is or how to find it, apply to work with me and we can explore and reveal it together!

Are you a sensitive with chronic confidence + empowerment struggles?

As a sensitive do you find it hard to be true to yourself? Do you have beautiful ideas and messages but you don’t share them because you worry what others will think, or what they will say?

It can feel really hard to be yourself when the whole world is telling you what to do or pointing out what you’re doing wrong.

And unfortunately this is a chronic problem – but of course fortunately, it doesn’t have to be for you!

Reasons why many sensitives – maybe you – struggle with confidence and empowerment.

  • You just don’t want to upset anyone. So you’re more focused on not upsetting anyone than honoring what you want or how you feel.
  • You’re afraid of what others think – again more than how you feel.
  • You fall into the “you should” trap, doing what others say “you should” do.
  • You’ve been told you’re “too sensitive” and – you believe it.
  • You were laughed at for being a dreamer, for being yourself or having original ideas.

How can you step out and be yourself in a world full of opinions about who you should be?

  • Be your own filter. Only you get to decide what’s a match for you, what’s best for you.
  • Be selective. Not everything every suggests for you or tells you to do is right for you.
  • Be aware of messages around you laced with guilt, anger, bitterness and negativity.
  • Move away from people who minimize you or only point out your mistakes.

Have consequences set in?

  • What are you suffering with? What seems to come up chronically for you? Energy, emotionally or any other area of your life?
  • What are you carrying or holding onto? What feels like you just can’t seem to get past? And how is it impacting you?
  • How do you feel about yourself? If it’s not positive, loving and empowering, when would now be a good time to change?
  • What are you missing out on? What would you be doing, enjoying and going for if you had more confidence and felt more empowered?


  • Your power is not “out there”. Take ownership of what you want get to changing what you don’t want.
  • Don’t base your happiness on someone else changing. Focus on you and what you can do.
  • Your circumstances are only what is. They are not what is possible for you unless you only focus on what is.
  • Above all remember YOU ARE THE POWER. You are your best source of strength and anything else you want.

Getting through this together vs. Enjoying all that is NOW

Are you caught up in thoughts of “getting through this” or moving your focus to staying empowered and “being present”?

While saying “we’ll get through this together” holds some power and hope, it’s not where you want your focus to stay.

If you do, you may find your thoughts feeling stuck, focusing on what you cannot do, feeling trapped and always looking to “when” things get better instead of living your best life NOW.

In this video I’m sharing tips to help you live fully from right where you are, signs you’re not present, why it’s soul good to be present and how to be present!

Signs You’re Not Present

  1. If you’re focused on what you could do before that you cannot do now.
  2. You feel down, depressed, anxious, off or angry – you just feel bad.
  3. You are focused on what is unknown, and scared!
  4. You’re worried about the future and what has not happened yet.
  5. You are not taking care of yourself, ignoring your energy needs or turning to negative things to try and feel better

Why Be Present

  1. For the health of your energy + emotions (which are energy in motion)
  2. The longer you feel off or dwell in those not-so-good-feelings or thoughts, the more you increase the chance that you’ll fall ill.
  3. You can handle more with less stress, more effortlessly.
  4. You increase EASE for yourself and your efforts.
  5. You’re open to receive downloads, soul-utions and insights.

How To Be Present

  1. Focus on your purpose. Now is the time to get clear on your purpose!
  2. Connect with positive people and build those relationships.
  3. Reframe the negative. Practice conscious-rethinking.
  4. Use your senses to center.
  5. Get support, even hire an expert if you need to.

What Next? (Get support!)

  1. Reach out to me! I’m here to chat with you about how you’re feeling. I’ll help match you with the right resource FOR YOU.
  2. New energy and mindset skills take practice.
  3. It’s important to get support + mentoring from the right people and experts.
  4. Implementing positive things to focus on for yourself!
  5. The best you can do, learn the most about you, your gifts, your purpose!

Loaded with goodness right? I’m here to help!

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What Your Ego & the Media Have In Common

Has your ego been acting up? Do you feel like your fear and anxiety are fired up more easily lately?

It could be what’s going on around you – and – what’s being shared in the media, or more like how the information is being shared.

A few things to be aware of about your ego (& the media) to keep your dreams strong:

Your ego loves to take things out of context. Throwing random parts of the past at you while stirring up what could go wrong, based on who you used to be not who you have become.

From there, it will build a story with scary details, using fear to distort the perspective. Definitely not providing all the positive details or any for that matter, because it never includes all the facts, like how far you’ve already come or how much you’ve overcome.

Keep in mind your ego is geared to look for danger, to help you stay aware of what could go wrong, with the eye on finding tragedy and problems. Not very comforting right? But the intention is to make you aware.

You’re told to “be careful”, cautious or taught to worry as a precaution, but worrying is silly. Worry is not the same as staying informed from an empowered state.

So what can you do during times of great uncertainty?

Well for one, make sure you get an accurate perspective. The whole picture. All the lessons you’ve learned, all the details, not just the negative ones. Bring presence to all the facts that matter to bring yourself and your perspective into balance.

Look for the good in all things, in your daily life, circumstances and all around you. You will always find what you’re looking for. There is more good in the world than we typically give credit or acknowledgement to.

Mindset means setting your mind on what you want, not letting your thoughts run wild. Focus on what you can do something about and what is working for you. Magnify that!

While you’re at it, identify what is not working or not resonating with you and – eliminate it! Get rid of unwanted things, activities, relationships.

Remember you can always turn toward more ease within. You have the power of choice, to assess and make changes.

Because how you FEEL as a sensitive matters more than anything. But how you FEEL is up to you.

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Could there be a higher purpose to COVID-19?

Could this be more than just a catastrophe to manage – the awakening we’ve been asking for?

True – we are in the midst of a pandemic, a time of great need, fear and anxiety, worry going around, spreading like wildfire.

This is a time for the spiritually fittest of the fit. Will you rise with the tide or be swept under by all the chaos?

I get it, reality isn’t giving easy reasons to feel good right now. But contrast is opportunity to work your magic.

In video – how to NOT get caught up in the VIBRATIONAL VIRUS and turning perspective to the higher purpose + opportunity during this pandemic.

What is happening in our world?

The same pattern that happens throughout our lifetime but at a global scale.

If you look at the history of your lifetime, you’ll see points in time when you may have said “What is happening? How can this be happening?” And you felt like you’d never pull through. But you did!

The vibration on the planet has been moving out of alignment for some time, our frequency has reached a great level of imbalance. This ties to economics, politics, and all forms of communication.

We are no longer connecting at a higher frequency, but from a place of imbalance. Anger, fear, forced energy being projected into the world.

The greatest thing is energy, or communication, vibration, must seek harmony, create harmony. Energy wants to heal.

And who better to foster that energy healing than sensitives!! We get it. We want and live for harmony. We can’t even help ourselves. We sniff out imbalance in the world and want to help.

But this means all sensitives must answer the call for self first. Heal you, then step forward as a collective to share your spiritual gifts.

The greatest, highest vibrational thing that can + WILL happen from this pandemic is….people helping people. Sharing their resources with those in need. Sending out prayers and empowerment to people they might not typically think of during an ordinary day.

Let today be healing.

I’m here to support you in your awakening journey. If you’re struggling energetically, emotionally during this time of uncertainty – there may be energy healing + mastery needed. I can help with that.

If you have struggled with money, time, energy, relationships, direction – these are all signs of imbalance.

If you hold onto your imbalances instead of alchemizing them, you will continue to struggle. This is the time for a new paradigm. The world has been calling for it.

It’s time for a new paradigm where spiritual sensitives create wealth, leadership and healing vs. needing it.

Step out of the common perspective of FEAR and step into the spiritual perspective of HEALING.

Get into vibrational match for what you do want. Focus on where it feels good. The world needs more light right now. Step out of the FEAR and be that LIGHT LEADER.

For support as a sensitive, empath, creative, psychic, coach or healer – join Sensitives Soul Tribe.


How to Stay Strong As A Spiritual Leader During Times of Crisis

FEAR is in the air – and they’re calling it Corona!

What do you do when you feel the FEAR and ANXIETY from the media? How do you stay strong and empowered to show up consistently for your people – and not get pulled into the hype?

Fear breeds fear not healing. Fear lowers your immunity, creates fertile space for illness to set in and truly diminishes the quality of your life.

Marie Knabe joins me to discuss simple ways to improve your immune system + how to stay strong as a spiritual leader during times of crisis (or virus).

Focus on what you CAN do to keep your immune system strong.

  • Eliminate toxins from your life, this includes people, food, emotions. Add things like essential oils, minerals, supplements, positivity, supportive people.
  • Eat whole foods (you know the ones wrapped by Mother Nature) vs processed, deep fried or fatty. If it comes in a box or sits on a shelf, it’s a low-vibration food and not doing much to keep you healthy. Your body will need to work harder to digest while eliminating any chemicals or toxins which takes away from your immune system.
  • The more diverse your microbiome is, the healthier you are. There are proven studies that show a person with a diverse microbiome will in turn have improved digestion, absorption, metabolism and a stronger immune system. The good bacteria (“probiotics”) are critical to a healthy digestive system. These “good guys” help you digest food, eliminate waste, promote healthy immune function and regulate your metabolism, where bad bacteria like yeasts and fungus mess with your microbiome balance. When the digestive system is balanced with 80% good bacteria vs 20% bad bacteria, the digestive system functions at its very best – and you stay your healthiest!
  • Reduce stress and emotions like fear which activate stress hormones, shallow breathing, lowered immunity. Emotions play a huge role in your physiology, yes there’s biology to your beliefs. Do what you can to keep your thoughts focused on the positive, what you can do something about.
  • As you move through your day, pause. Notice what you notice. What are you focused on. Is it lifting you and making you feel more positive or less?
  • Continuously work on your mindset to show up in an empowered state. This fluctuates with energy, so make it part of your daily practice.
  • Self-care is not a sometimes thing, it’s a 24/7, 365 thing. Continue to add things you like and enjoy that are good for you to stay healthy, resilient and strong. This includes all of your systems – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It includes tuning into your body to acknowledge the signs it’s giving you and making any needed changes to improve your health.
  • When hysteria runs rampant through the world, be the filter, get the facts. Don’t allow yourself to get pulled into the hype. Always decide what is true for you and focus on where your power is.
  • Get support. There are times where you will need someone to help you, move you through rough patches, assist with your self-care. Assess where you need support and hire a professional to work with. This allows you to just show up, as-is and with the help of the right professional get through your healing faster.

That’s just a brief overview of all the goodness we talked about! To get the full scoop, be sure to watch the full video!

And remember….you can live empowered regardless of what’s happening in the world around you! Join us for the Free 5-Day Challenge – Journey to Empowerment  starting March 23, 2020.

“I DON’T HAVE TIME!” – Is that YOU?

Have you ever said “I don’t have time”? Or wished you had “more time”? Does it feel like you never have “enough time” to do what’s most meaningful for you?

What comes up for you about TIME?

4 Myths of Time Management

  • There are people who believe they can “get more time”. You cannot get more time, you have all the time there is. You get the same amount, every day.
  • There are some people who believe they can “save time”, bank it, use it later. Not only do you have all the time there is, but you have to spend it every day.
  • There are some people who believe you can “manage time.” You cannot manage time, it marches on, it slows down for no one.
  • There are some people who believe they do not have “enough time”. Everyone has enough time. It’s the one thing everyone has the exact same amount of.

So getting more of what you want is not about the time you have it’s about how you use your time, what you fill your time with. If your time is filled with things you don’t want, don’t like, don’t feel good about – you open the door to stress!

Ugh, hello STRESS!

Stress happens when we think or feel that we can’t cope with pressure and this pressure comes in many shapes and forms, and triggers physiological responses. (Fight or Flight)

Many day-to-day situations can set off your fight or flight response – moving, a difficult boss, divorce, separation, demanding children, traffic jams, project deadlines, etc.

Pressure itself is not bad. In fact, many thrive on it. But when those pressures exceed a person’s ability to cope, that’s when the problems start. It follows, therefore, that we can tackle stress either by reducing pressures or by increasing coping resources – or a combination of the two.

Did you know that if you’re highly stressed, you are 25% more likely to suffer a fatal heart attack and 50% more likely to die from a stroke?

The symptoms of stress act as an early warning system. They tell you that you are getting out of balance, that your energy is decreasing and pressure is increasing. Are you noticing signs of stress? Are you listening? Making necessary changes?

What are the top 3 things you stress about most? Which one do you think about most often?

Let’s talk ENERGY.

Everything is energy. Everything you can see, feel, hear or touch is energy in motion. That’s why it’s so important to have flow and movement in your energy. When you don’t, you can feel stuck. That will slow down or bring your progress to a halt.

Living fully is more than just having enough physical energy to get through your day. You are a blend of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. As you increase your energy, you increase the ability to handle more demands.


  1. They say yes to too many things – even things they want to say no to.
  2. Not clear on their goals, direction so they try all things or talk themselves into things they don’t want to do but think they should.
  3. Lack of belief they can do what they want – or say not to what they don’t want.
  4. People problems, guilt trips, toxic relationships take over and influence their decisions, direction and energy.
  5. Put too much pressure, condense timelines mentally – just try to do too much all the time without a plan, energy strategy or aligned approach.
  6. Don’t have the energy skills to expand time to meet their needs! This drives all of the above!

If you’re resonating with any of those – it’s time for a new approach! I can help.

Join the Journey to Empowerment – FREE 5 Day Soul Quest for Sensitives (March 23-27, 2020) 

You are here to do amazing things because YOU are amazing. Feel like you’re meant for more? You are. Let’s bring those “more” things to magical life together. See you on the quest!

Showing Up Consistently Like A Boss – and why most sensitives cannot!

Do you struggle with consistency? To show up when you want, the way you want for what you want – to make your impact?

Whatever your goals – losing 10 pounds, making your impact, building your empire, leaving corporate for your calling, starting your own business, advancing your career…consistency is a key element to make it happen.

It’s hard to be consistent when your energy is for shit, you don’t feel well, you don’t know what you’re working on, you’re not sure it will work anyway…the list goes on.


Why do so many sensitives STRUGGLE with consistency? That’s what I’m sharing in this video – and how you can change it!

Do you recognize any of these?

  1. The all or nothing approach. You feel like you need to do all the things, all the time. If you miss one thing, forget, skip – you’ve dropped the ball and you go into self-blame + shame on not showing up consistent. When really showing up consistently means taking action on meaningful things, the right things with consistency.
  2. You don’t know the process of progress, you’re not tracking in your favor. Your ego always points out what you didn’t do, missed, still have to do. You never see your progress because you’re fixated on all there still is to do. Hint, there will always be more to do, more than we have time for because – you’re growing, evolving, shifting and changing. Not because you’re not getting things done.
  3. You’ve been taught to work hard, push through, suck it up. Resting is for the weak. So you don’t . You push, push, push, burnout. Then you need to take a break but it’s not a healthy, empowered one, it’s a must or get worse break. And maybe you add a bit of self-loathing in there. You have a push strategy, not a healthy and vibrant energy strategy to keep you healthy and strong.
  4. You’re looking “out there”, at everyone else, comparing your worst to their best. Thinking you “should be” doing what they’re doing the way they do it. This is not the intuitive approach. Sure it’s good to look out in the world for inspiration but not for comparison. If you believe you need to be where they are, doing what they do vs being yourself, doing your own magical thing in your own magical way, it’s not fun, it’s hard. That’s not progress, that’s a path to misery.
  5. You’re using the “add more things, add more time doing the things” approach to expand your capacity and grow your goals. Wrong! There are other ways to expand your capacity, starting with your energy. Staying healthy, strong, setting intention, then taking action. Also, you must eliminate what you’re already doing that is NOT working, that is not serving you.
  6. Oh and let’s not forget LIMITING BELIEFS! Yes the main culprit every time. All things boil down to your beliefs, which drive your actions and your energy. So thoughts like “I can’t”, “I always”, “I never” and so on can really wear you down, back you into a corner, make you believe there’s not enough time, energy or YOU to go around. You must change your beliefs to support where you’re headed!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself after watching the video:

  • Do you really believe that others can do more than you? (they have it, I don’t, etc)
  • What story have you been telling yourself that is keeping you safe, small, stuck?
  • What do you believe about your endurance, abilities, potential? What is the truth?
  • What are you doing the same to get different results?
  • What support are you getting to change what you have not been able to change?
  • What support do you need to do things different and create the outcomes you want?

Want my help with this? To do your thing and share your magic on your command? To get full support + coaching from a sensitive who gets you, and knows the way to showing up consistently – while having more fun? Join us in IMPACT!!