Success Stories

Every day more, spiritual seeking women are stepping forward. Investing in themselves. Rising to their born right to succeed and change the world in their own beautiful way.

This page is dedicated to those women.

They are proof it can be done. I hope you enjoy their stories and feel inspired to follow in their footsteps.

Here are a few more.

Debbie Groll, NY“Before working with Nicole I felt like I was living a very small life, afraid to speak up and express my feelings, afraid to try new things. Nicole taught me not to take ownership of negative labels, to recognize my gut feelings are usually true-and to trust them and how to switch feeling anxious with feeling excited!! I feel more confident expressing my feelings and I feel safe doing so, because I am listening and trusting my heart.”

Cathi Cohen-Brownfield, Gifts of D’Light, MI“My experience with Nicole was nothing short of life-changing. I was coming out of one of the darkest times of my life and made the decision I had to change. I talked to Nicole and enrolled in her program. By the end of the second week I ha released a lifetime full of secrets and ghosts that I couldn’t release in over 20 years of therapy. Nicole was there for me. By the third week I was soaring high, feeing joy I had never felt before in my life. It only got better from there. I allowed myself to dream, discover my purpose and start manifesting what I wanted for myself. I am doing things I never dreamed I could do, like starting my own online business and going back to church. I’ve moved on from therapy and live a positive, high energy and high vibe life. Working with Nicole for me was not only life changing, it was life-saving.”

Betty Skinner, WA, Betty Skinner Insurance “I am so grateful I stumbled across Nicole (divine intervention) when I did. I had one of those life “implosions” that had caused me to fall into a deep dark rabbit hole – questioning what life was all about. Nicole’s style of coaching has helped me “come back to life”. She was like a life line that pulled me out of that deep dark hole. She has supported me and lifted me and taught me so many things about how to live a life filled with joy & peace & calmness. I have learned things from her that I always “wondered about” in life. Wondering why I felt the way I did. She has taught me so many valuable tips and tools to use as a sensitive empath. I can now maneuver through life with a lot more ease. The stress and fear has subsided greatly since working with her. Nicole “gets it” like nobody I’ve ever known before. She is truly gifted and skilled at what she does.”

Nadine Zastrow Stevenson, WI“Working with Nicole has been magical. I am seeing shifts in myself that I have never experienced before with anyone else. She “gets me” with no judgement, I feel like I can be me. Nicole saw energy blocks within me that I could feel but couldn’t identify. I am so amazed how she was spot on with identifying where and which emotions were trapped, almost like she knew exactly what I experienced before I stuffed that emotion/experience into my body. I have been lost and depressed for such a long time and the heaviness in my body was starting to reflect poorly on me both physically and emotionally. Working with Nicole opened the space for me to identify the blocked emotions, feel it and she gave me tools to use to release it. I am feeling better, lighter in my energy and emotions, as well as more peace of mind. I am gaining my confidence and trust in myself /intuition. My body has been in less pain since working with Nicole. I really believe that releasing these old emotions have been key in my body feeling better. I am excited to see what else is in store for me as I continue along this path of healing with a great mentor and coach such as Nicole!”

Jenny Schmuhl O’Haver, WI “I can never express enough how much I love and appreciate you! Your energy is amazing and why I knew I had to work with you. You always seem to touch on something that speaks directly to me and moves me to a better energy. More than that, you’ve helped me believe in myself.”

Jenn Clinton, PT, Craniosacral Therapist, Integrative Healing WI – “Nicole brings so much to her clients- her wealth of knowledge, experience, insight, and gifts allow her to focus in on the specific areas that need to be worked on. Each session is so meaningful and she develops an individualized plan for creating the path you want for your life. She genuinely cares for each of her clients and invests her whole self into being there for you. She has helped me in many areas of my life, but one in particular I’ll share is feeling trapped in several jobs that were not right for me. I had worked for years with a talented traditional therapist, and knew cognitively why I was stuck, but couldn’t move forward. In my first session with Nicole, I felt as if we went deeper than I had with years of therapy….we not only got to the root of why I was stuck, but had tangible ways of moving forward. I’ve been able to move forward successfully and have been supported along the way. Additionally, she has created a nurturing group of sensitives that are always encouraging and POSITIVE. So refreshing! No whining, no pity parties. Genuine support and meaningful dialogue. I can’t say enough about Nicole as a coach, mentor, guide, and friend to empaths.”

June Zahn, Owner, A Better Me Spa WI“I had the extremely incredible opportunity to work with Nicole through her Go With Your Gut Transformation program! Nicole’s shiny toolbox is filled with custom crafted conversations, exercises, and ideas that guided me to look deep within myself so that we could tap into, and clear my energy blocks. Nicole helped me to awaken the person that I’m truly supposed to be…The BEST Me! Thanks to Nicole’s special, sparkly self, both my personal life, and my wellness center, A Better Me, are now alive with abundance and amazingness! Thank you so much, Nicole! Grateful for YOU!”

Victoria Niles, WI – “Nicole has given me courage to be myself as a sensitive in a non-sensitive world. I was able to accomplish this through the encouraging workshops and one-on-one sessions she provides. As a sensitive herself, she understands and encourages other sensitives to rise up and use our sensitivity gift to empower us to be our best self. She empowers us to wear our sensitivity proudly in a world that is non sensitive.”

Christine Kramer, Living Lighter Coaching , WI“Working with Nicole is amazing! She really helped me get to the root of why I was stuck in my personal life and my business. She has helped me get clear on how to handle my energy so I can move forward with my goals instead of staying stuck. I highly recommend working with Nicole!”

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