The Truth About That Annoying Little Voice Inside

We all have that annoying little voice inside that likes to point out what we did not get done, how far we still have to go or how far we are from what we truly want. Not for lack of working hard or being busy.

But tending to more than most people while not feeling like you are doing enough, being enough or getting what you want is a hard way to live that leads to you suffering in silence.

It is not always easy to recognize or admit – that you doubt your own power or put yourself last. This can be painful and personal – not out in the open for everyone to see because maybe you hide it so well.

What if instead, your true inner voice talked you into your dreams and sang your praises? What would it tell the world about you?

Thats what were digging into on this episode. A heart to heart that you absolutely deserve to have your own dreams and how to override that part of you that may be keeping you from pursuing them.

“I don’t know”

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If I could erase one phrase from your vocabulary it would be……..

“I don’t know”

I hear it all the time! Women say it in response to questions regarding what they want.

It doesn’t help anything. It keeps you in limbo. (unless someone else starts making the decisions for you)

“What do you want to do?”
“I don’t know.”

“What do you want to eat?”
“I don’t know.”

“What do you want in life?”
“I don’t know.”

Stop saying “I don’t know”.

I hear that response in probably 90% of my consultations initially. And there are real reasons for it, none of which are helpful for getting what they really want. That’s of course why women come to me, to get clarity on what they want.

Gaining clarity on what you want is part of the process, but there’s more to it than that. You also need belief you can have it and belief you deserve it.

Here’s what I know, every time you say “I don’t know” as a response to any question that pertains to you, your wellbeing, your dreams, your desires or your needs – you are actually telling yourself that you really don’t know what is best for you.

“I don’t know” translates to “I don’t know what is best for me”. It translates to fear and self-doubt.

That’s a lie. If you say “I don’t know” that means you’re buying into the lie.

Here’s the truth. You absolutely do know what is best for you, more than anyone else in fact!

Here are just a few sneaky beliefs hiding behind the “I don’t know”, see if any resonate with you:

  • I’m afraid to tell you what I really want
  • I’m afraid I’ll sound pushy if I say what I want
  • I don’t believe I can have what I really want
  • I’m too distracted to listen to what I want
  • I’m overwhelmed and don’t want to decide on anything right now
  • I’m not feeling passionate about much of anything
  • I was never taught how to trust my own intuition
  • I’ve been saying “I don’t know” for so long it’s an automatic response
  • Even when I say what I want, no one listens so what is the point

They say it’s the little things that matter.

It’s so true. Little things like saying “I don’t know” over and over actually shut your intuitive side down. And that matters.

Little things of that nature add up to feeling stuck, or making you question your own judgement about what is best for you.

You know what is best for you.

So, starting today, stop saying “I don’t know”.

Here are some easy ways to erase that sneaky little saying:

  1. Ask yourself what you “feel” for. Get out of your head and drop into your heart. It’s usually easier to figure out what you feel like than to think of what you want. So, what do I feel like doing, what do I feel like eating, how do I want to feel in my life. The rest will unfold from there.
  2. Pick a theme. Today I will choose things that make me feel adventurous, courageous, comfy, healthy, etc. Then when you’re asked what you want, choose something that fits in that theme.
  3. Just choose something FAST. Challenge yourself to make a decision in a matter of seconds. The longer you wait, the more you go up in your head and swim around in confusion. The faster you decide on something the more intuitive it will be. This also refines your intuitive skills.
  4. Take a break from deciding – when it feels right. Your response may be “I’m open to suggestions”, “I’m open to all possibilities”, or “I want to do what you want to do”. Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else decide on the smaller things so you can rest your decision making muscle and just go along with the flow. You are still deciding, but you’re leaving the outcome up to someone you trust. You may wind up trying something you wouldn’t have.
  5. Catch yourself and rephrase. If you hear the words coming out of your mouth, just stop, rephrase and move along.
  6. Trust that you know what is best for you. In fact, say it to yourself throughout the day –“I absolutely know what is best for me” then try these phrases instead “I would enjoy…”, “I would love to….”, “I choose…”.

Now, if you found a few of the sneaky beliefs hit home for you and you’d like to erase and replace with something more supportive – schedule a free consultation. I would absolutely love to help you!

It’s a fun way to look behind the curtain and see what’s really going on. It’s also a great way to gain clarity on what you want as I mentioned earlier, and – even better, clarity on action steps you can take immediately to move forward in the direction of your dream.

So, promise me now…no more “I don’t know” from you! You do know, so trust in that.