What’s Really Putting Your Dreams on Hold

Learning something you don’t know might be what you think is holding you back from hitting those next level dreams – but probably not.

10 out of 10 times it’s something different. And I’m talking all about it on this week’s show.

Tune in for 5 signs you’re not tapping into your power to make your dreams happen plus the big why’s behind all of them!

What dream do you want to see for yourself? When do you want it to happen? Why hasn’t it happened yet?

I want to know!

Want my help to close that gap and lock your dream in? Book a call and let’s make your magic happen!

When You Worry About Old Problems

I love talking about dreams, working with women who dream big. I’ve discovered over my many years of coaching while trying to help women articulate what they really want, is that too many women cannot seem to dream beyond their most immediate most painful PROBLEM!

They want more, they feel they’re meant for more. They may see things out in the worldand think “wouldn’t that be nice”.

But too often they get stuck worrying about old problems leaving no room for those big dreams to unfold.

If that’s you, I’m here to help you change that.

On this week’s episode, something that might surprise you about your old problems. How they can help you get everything you really want!

When Will Now Be Your Time?

I have talked with women from all over the world. They have big dreams, visions of a better world and a desire to make a difference. But at the same time, they are not putting themselves first, not leading with their own dreams.

They are too busy doing all the things for everyone while their own dreams get lost in the shuffle. What they want just does not seem important enough–so they put off their dreams and maybe even give up.


That’s what we’re talking about on this week’s episode. Because I think NOW should be your time.

7 Ways to Consistently Focus on Joy

How much time do you focus on your joy? Happiness? What lights you up to even think about?

Society is so problem focused. I hear it all the time, “My social media is so negative”. With all the negativity in the world why wouldn’t you be problem focused???

Relatives, family, people complaining around you about what is wrong in the world make it easy to create a habit of articulating all that is not working in your daily conversations.

To get more of what you do want and to feel unstoppable, you must focus on the positives. It’s time to jump off the problem train and open space for more of what you do want.

Listen to this episode for 7 ways to consistently focus on joy!

The Truth About That Annoying Little Voice Inside

We all have that annoying little voice inside that likes to point out what we did not get done, how far we still have to go or how far we are from what we truly want. Not for lack of working hard or being busy.

But tending to more than most people while not feeling like you are doing enough, being enough or getting what you want is a hard way to live that leads to you suffering in silence.

It is not always easy to recognize or admit – that you doubt your own power or put yourself last. This can be painful and personal – not out in the open for everyone to see because maybe you hide it so well.

What if instead, your true inner voice talked you into your dreams and sang your praises? What would it tell the world about you?

Thats what were digging into on this episode. A heart to heart that you absolutely deserve to have your own dreams and how to override that part of you that may be keeping you from pursuing them.