Think You Have a People Problem? Think Again.

Have you ever struggled with people? Our lives are filled with many challenges, most involve dealing with other people.

What happens if the people youre fixated on are not a match? They dont see your view, dream, goals? They dont or wont support you.

Well that is exactly what were diving into on this weeks show how to honor what you want, move in the direction of your dreams regardless of what others say or do.
Well cover why

You may fixate on other people the damage it does to your future
External validation is not the answer youre looking for
You must honor yourself to stay vibrant, healthy and positive confident!
8 signs you may have people problems and what you can do to change that of course!
The 3 kinds of supporters to build your dreams one might surprise you!

Its so important to be true to yourself, all of you, 100%!

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