What To Do When Things Don’t Work Out – so things can work out! (and you don’t find yourself in Victimville!)

Are you in a bad feeling place? Finding it hard to deal with the negative things that pop up?

Myyyylanta there’s plenty to choose from out in the world right now!

And well, not everything happens the way you might have planned, and it can be disappointing. I get it, my 50th birthday plans were cancelled this week.

Might not seem that important compared to world events, but hey, it’s MY 50th birthday and it’s important to me.

Not because I’m not jetting off to Walt Disney World as planned, although that’s a bummer too, but because my son was flying in to join me. So he’s still in CO and I’m still in WI. And that’s what I’m most sad about. I won’t get to see him this week for my birthday.

I know how it feels when things fall apart, how you might want to feel “bad” about it. 

There’s plenty of opportunity – to fall into a funk – or to choose to shift your perspective instead!

This week I’m talking about The Law of Relativity + I’m sharing magical things you can do every day to rock your life so you don’t block all the goodness that wants to unfold for you!

Signs You’re In The Funk Of It.

  • You see your circumstances as “good or bad”, so it’s “all or nothing” on your happiness
  • You feel bad, sad, angry, bitter, mistrusting, resentful or any other emotion for an extended period of time – and it’s building.
  • You’re stuck in guilt. “I shouldn’t be feeling this way when others have it so much worse” or you just won’t let yourself focus on anything positive for that reason.
  • You have a victim mindset and you’re stuck in Victimville with “poor me” or wanting everyone to feel bad for you.
  • You’re attached to the outcome and because it didn’t happen, you can’t bring yourself to feel positive or focus on anything else. Your mind keeps going to what didn’t happen.

Why Shift

  • You don’t want to stay in crummy mode longer than necessary obviously!
  • Staying in the funk too long can become an identity and changes your vibration!
  • You close down for soul-utions, insights, flow and answers!

How + What to do to shift!

  • Allow your feelings to come up, come out, however you want to describe them – just be present with how you feel. Don’t ignore or stuff them down, honor your feelings.
  • Only once you’ve done that, shift your focus to shift your energy. What is positive? Uplifting? Focus there!
  • Detach from the outcome as good or bad or anything at all other than an opportunity to shift your perspective to something that feels good for you!
  • Create your own joy and happiness! You don’t need an outcome to do that, or a special holiday, you can celebrate every day.
  • Replace whatever didn’t work out with something else that feels fabulous! I’ve replaced my Disney trip with bigger goals, and so many fun things that it really feels just like it is supposed to when I turn 50! Like a huge bash!
  • Focus on the goodness in your life, talk about it, magnify it, share it with others!
  • Move away from defining things as good or bad, all or nothing and just let them exist as is.
  • And most importantly – live your life, every day ON PURPOSE! (not for an outcome) I don’t know what life would feel like without my purpose. This is what keeps my life feeling magical and so so sparkly. I highly recommend getting in touch with your purpose – and if you don’t know what that is or how to find it, apply to work with me and we can explore and reveal it together!

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  1. Just rewatched this from a different place. Totally Devine time. So appreciate we can experience these bits of insight over and over again to receive what we need to receive at anytime

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