Who Are Your Typical Clients?

I’m asked this question a lot. And while I like to sum it up as badass women I respect, admire and feel honored to work with, there are more layers to it that make them badass.

Most of the women I work with have some insight into their challenges and want support as they navigate their way through life changes.

They are the one that everyone goes to for help but when they need help, they feel alone. Truth be told, they have a hard time asking for help, so it takes them awhile to finally reach out to me. When they do they say things like “I should be able to figure this out” and “I don’t know why I can’t just get this done”.

They prefer to stay tough and never really let anyone in, that way no one can let them down. They are a bit of a control freak in that way. Over-functioning doing everything for everyone and trying to do everything on their own.

They are the self-starter who digs right in and yet, the patterns stay the same which is what feels so frustrating for them.

They get more done in a day than many people get done in a week, people may even joke they’re like “the energizer bunny”, they just go-go-go. But secretly they are exhausted and overextended energetically and emotionally and they don’t seem to get any credit for all they do.

They want to save the world, but they can’t seem to pinpoint how to save themselves. The amount of pressure and demand they put on themselves to do more and be perfect at it would drop most people to their knees, and yet, it’s never enough no matter how much they overachieve, they just keep pushing.

They may be tangled in relationships that feel “off” but can’t quite pinpoint what is wrong or how to change it, but they will try, taking all the reigns of responsibility or blame, whatever will hopefully make things better. But in most cases it does not, the dynamics are programmed to be one way, not in their favor.

Some are women who are trying to “do it all” eventually causing overwhelm. They are not replenishing their soul, merely taking direction from their ego as it barks out orders to be more and do more. There is no permission or time for play, they focus on satisfaction not joy which depletes their spirit and zest for life.

Many of my clients are in the afternoon of their life or on their way, feeling depleted, depressed, lost. They have spent the morning of their life giving to others, some put their own dreams, desires, needs and wants on hold, as they cared for children, partners, and parents.

They wake up and realize time is precious, they feel shocked and saddened at the realness of what they feel about all they wanted to accomplish but denied themselves of. They need someone to help them understand the awakening they are going through. I have been there myself and I completely know the feeling + how to embrace the shift to quickly find fulfillment.

Many have experienced trauma in their lives, especially childhood which sets up a pattern that can trigger chronic anxiety, depression, fluctuating emotions.

Some develop addictions to try and fill the void like shopping, eating, over-functioning, over-committing or even the use of alcohol, drugs or prescription meds and therapy that doesn’t work for them. Anything to keep the feelings they don’t want down by distraction or escape.

They want to bring healing to these areas. They reach out to me because they know what they have been doing to get by no longer supports them.

They know they want to shift but feel unclear how to change what they don’t want, a bit overwhelmed on where to begin, this feeling of perfection continues to creep in with the fear that I’ll find fault with them in some way.

Of course, that is not what I do at all, but the feeling of being wrong or missing something obvious scares them. It leaves them feeling vulnerable and that is just not a place they like to go.

But over time the learn to trust me, they see I made my way through struggles of my own. They see I am sincere, genuine and here to help because I understand from a place of experience how it feels to live this way – even though you want things to be different. They reach out because they finally see I won’t judge them, that my whole heart is in what I do.

Here’s what one of my clients shared about her experience working with me.

“If your struggling with obstacles in your life and are trying to find someone who will understand you, then you found the right person in Nicole. She understands as she has lived through many of life’s lessons herself. She is a kind and very caring person who can help you find your way. Her dedication goes far and beyond what most people would invest. Not everyone is guided by Angel’s like she is!! 😇. She will definitely make sense out of your nonsense! She has for me.” ❤- Pat B

I understand the women I work with just need some intuitive support from a qualified person who has compassion. Someone they can lean into as they process things, who can show them the deeper meaning, shine the light on the truth about who they are and transform the way they feel about themselves.

I hold a safe-space for my clients until they can do it for themselves. I believe in them. I care about their dreams as if they are my own.

I am honored to be the person to work alongside them, who helps them find the answers hidden in plain view to change how they feel for good, to help them heal their inner child.. And someone who makes them feel empowered every step of the way.

If you resonate with this or you know a woman who struggles in this way, I am here to understand and to help.

Life is increasingly stressful these days and moving at a rapid, emotional pace. While we have advanced so far with technology, access to information and material gains, rates of depression, chronic dis-ease, and suicide continue to climb.

I want to help change that. Life is meant to be a beautiful adventure, where you experience the most joy for all you contribute and accomplish. I know that’s what I most want to experience and it’s what I want my clients to experience unlimited amounts of.

Whatever challenges you face or feel deep within, you can overcome them. I’m here to help you.

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